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Off I-26 at St. Andrews

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                                                                        a full service behavioral health practice


    Barnabas Medical-Behavioral Healthcare, LLC    


                                 A Full Service Behavioral Health Practice

                                  Specializing in the Strategic Integration

                                      of Medical and Psychological Care.


             Barnabas is the historic, biblical character known for coming alongside and encouraging people

                      who were wounded and/or undergoing wounding circumstances. In like manner we, at 

                              Barnabas Healthcare, professionally come alongside our clients to help them

                                       through their unique difficulties, struggles and circumstances.


                            Linda C. Zaepfel, APRN, BC, LISW-CP 

                                                Adult Nurse Practitioner; Clinical Specialist in Adult Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing

                                                                                          Licensed Independent Social Worker


                                              Glenn P. Zaepfel, Ph.D.     

                                                                                                    Licensed Counseling Psychologist  

                                                                                                     Licensed Professional Counselor


                                    Laura J. Miller, LISW-CP, MAC, CACII

                                                                                        Licensed Independent Social Worker

                                                                                      Certified Master Addictions Counselor


                                                               M. Irina Cromer, LISW-CP

                                                                                              Licensed Independent Social Worker


                                               Thomas E. Cromer, LMSW     

                                                                                                   Licensed Master Social Worker

                                                                                                   Sports Performance Professional

                                                                                                             Practice Manager


           photo.JPG                                    Nola C. Burnette, LMSW

                                                                                                     Licensed Master Social Worker


                                       Katherine (Kasia) A. Jaworski, LPC-I

                                                                                              Licensed Professional Counselor Intern






           Barnabas Healthcare exists to professionally come alongside wounded people, and/or people in

          wounding situations, to help them through their unique difficulties, struggles and circumstances.


    We strive for quality care to a diverse population from the highest levels of training, dedication and experience.



We offer a wide variety of prevention, assessment, intervention and treatment programs.


Individual, Marital and Family Counseling

Christian Counseling

Depression (and various related forms)

Anxiety (and various related forms)

Psychotropic Medication, Evaluation, Management and Consultation

Psychological and Medical Testing, Examination and Assessment

Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders e.g., Posttraumatic Stress Disorder; Acute Stress Disorder

Maltreatment AND Abuse

Programs for DISORDERED EATING (e.g., weight reduction, obesity, anorexia, bulimia,  

                addictive eating, binging, weight problems associated with medical condition)

Bariatric Assessment and Psychological Treatment

Drug and Alcohol Programs/Dual Recovery Programs

Women's Issues (e.g., Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, Sexual Issues, Abuse)

Medical Problems with Psychological Components or Overlay

ADD and ADHD/Adult ADD and Adult ADHD

Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease Processes

Chronic Pain Management and Assessment; Headaches; Fibromyalgia

Stress Management

Increased Coping Skills and Adaptation to Acute Health Crises or Chronic Conditions

Modification to Self-imposed Risks to Health (e.g., addictions, smoking cessation)

Increased Adherence to Prescribed Medical Regime

Sports Psychology and Optimum Performance Training



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 Doctors/Nurse Practitioners/Counselors:

Linda Zaepfel, APRN, BC, LISW-CP

       Licensed Independent Social Worker, Adult Nurse Practitioner

     Clinical Specialist in Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing


Laura J. Miller, MSW, LISW-CP, MAC, CACII

        Licensed Independent Social Worker

          Certified Master Addictions Counselor


Glenn P. Zaepfel, Ph.D. 

     Licensed Counseling Psychologist

     Licensed Professional Counselor


M. Irina Cromer, LISW-CP

     Licensed Independent Social Worker 


Thomas E. Cromer, LMSW

       Practice Manager

     Licensed Master Social Worker


 Nola C. Burnette, LMSW

    Licensed Master Social Worker


   Staff Counselors/Interns:

Katherine (Kasia) A. Jaworski, LPC-I

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern





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                                                  We offer a variety of specialized group programs including:



ANGER MANAGEMENT  PROGRAM                                                                                             



The Anger Management Program at Barnabas Healthcare assists clients to look at anger in a new way. 


Moving beyond traditional treatment that targets this deep emotion at the surface level, we train people to understand their anger and channel this negative emotion to healthy behavior.



Our 8 week program uses a Cognitive Behavioral approach to increase awareness and modify responses.  Topics include:


·         What is anger?

·         How do you – as an individual – handle your personal anger?

·         Personal triggers and automatic thoughts

·         Assertiveness vs. Aggressiveness

·         Anger and the family

·         The role of short frustration tolerance

·         Cognitive restructuring

·         Progressive muscle relaxation

·         The role of power and control

·         Facing versus avoiding vulnerable feelings masked by anger

·         Effects of anger on relationships

·         Learning to control anger and painful feelings

·         Understanding and overcoming what is underneath anger

·         Personal responsibility and self-discipline

·         Overcoming psycho-social blocks to managing anger



Anger Management –

15 Common Types of Anger

Repressed Anger - People who are not aware that they are angry, but experience physical symptoms (depression, anxiety, ulcers, etc.)

Suppressed Anger - People who are aware they are angry, but choose to hide it from others.

Passive-Aggressive Anger – Indirect anger; People who procrastinate, gossip and use “the silent treatment” when they are angry at others.

Paranoid Anger - People who think that you are angry at them without any evidence to prove otherwise.

Impulsive Anger - People who have a “short fuse” and explode without considering the consequences.

Shame-based Anger - People who attempt to cover-up their inner shame, embarrassment with things such as perfectionism and become rage-filled when they fail or are forced to deal with it.

Intentional Anger - People who use anger to get their way with others; or use anger as a release of frustration.

Mood-Altering Anger - People who use anger to elevate their mood when they are feeling depressed; or anger that is actually depression in power clothing.

Habitual Anger - People who find anything to be angry about 24/7.

Defensive Anger - People who use anger to protect themselves against others who have been hurtful and are unable to forgive them.

Righteous Anger – Holier-than-thou; People who believe they are moral and justified in their fighting for something greater than themselves.

Road Rage Anger - People who have extremely immature and short frustration tolerances.

Hell Hath No Fury Anger - People who feel jilted by someone they love or felt close to

Deflective Anger - People who use anger to cover up or distract another focus (e.g., substance use; infidelity)

Bullying Anger - People who try to control or intimidate other through fear

Treatment Approach and Goals

1. Identify one or more of the 15 types of anger that personally applies.   (These are just common types of anger – our groups explore the unique type(s) of anger of its participants and significant others) 

2. Recognize the signs, symptoms, and impact of anger.                                                                 

3. Identify impaired thinking that promotes anger.                                                                            

4. Learn strategies to manage anger more effectively.                                                                      

5. Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy anger.                                                                     

6. Reduce the body tension of anger by learning de-escalation (self-talk/deep-breathing techniques).

7. Learn conflict resolution skills

                                                         8. Learn how to apply to real life situations


                                                          Call 803.216.0850 for more information about this program and how to enroll.


                                             Specialized group programs offered by Barnabas Healthcare:


                                                                   We  also offer: 


              Outpatient  Substance Abuse Recovery Program


The Substance Abuse Recovery Program at Barnabas Healthcare follows the mission and guidelines of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to “bring the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction”. 


              B A R N A B A S     

            H E A L T H C A RE                                


                        For appointment:


         (803) 216-0850/FAX (803) 216-0420








Barnabas Ministry



   Barnabas Ministries Logo





                                            What is

                                   Barnabas Ministry?


                                  Two 12 week in-home,

                             at-work, or through-church

                                study courses




   Barnabas Ministry is...

an in-depth discipleship ministry of

ENCOURAGEMENT. Participants are

equipped to encourage, counsel, understand,

and speak a new language of woundedness

which reaches today’s culture within and

without the church.

The church is filled with wounded people

or people experiencing wounding

circumstances whose receptivity to Christ,

His will, and His peoples’ care, Body life, and

encouragement is blocked by those very

wounds - usually without their understanding.

The hope of this ministry is to awaken and

illumine a call to a dynamic ministry of

encouragement: individuals ministering to

individuals (within and without the church)

with biblical directives and spiritual and

psychological accouterments to assist in

reaching and impacting a numbed, dysfunctional,

and hurting Christian culture and a dying,

sin-stained world.

Copyright © 1997, 2006, 2013 by Glenn P. Zaepfel, Ph.D.


Barnabas Ministry


  Barnabas Ministries Logo







William J. Powis, II, M.Div.

Barnabas Consulting, Inc


   Pastor Powis gets it. Most pastors, and Christian leaders,

 think that they do but they don't - and they don't know that they don't.

The result is that their ministry (especially horizontal)

 is far less effective (unrecognized) than it needs to be;

that they harm people without knowing it;

that they become  injured  themselves OR all of the above.

Bill is my dear friend.

    He loves the Lord and sees the silent, hidden injury that is occurring in and through the church.

  He is incredibly gifted at understanding the principles and applications of Barnabas Ministry.

   He is uniquely able to help you, your church, your community,

your workplace, your neighborhood.

He represents the very soul of Barnabas Ministry.

Let him help.  The Lord uses him and you will be blessed.

Let him help you catch and defeat the cancer before it is too late.

Just contact him - now - and you'll see what I mean.

Glenn P. Zaepfel, Ph.D.



Copyright Glenn P. Zaepfel, Ph.D. 1997, 2001, 2002, 2011, 2013


To learn even more about how you can honor God through Barnabas Ministry                   Barnabas Ministries Logo

in your church or home/work study group   ---  please contact:                             

                                             Contact Information:   Thomas Cromer, Administrator   803.216.0850








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